About Dr. Timothy Sumerlin


I have served in the International Churches of Christ for thirty-eight years in a variety of ministries. As an elder in  the Denver Church of Christ, I've built a team of trained counselors to work in a variety of settings. Along with teaching Christian counseling classes, I lead Grief Recovery Groups and the Disciples In Motion ministry as well as serving as the dean of Counseling at the Rocky Mountain School of Ministry and Theology. I also teach graduate classes at the University of Denver.

After earning an undergraduate degree at Indiana University in 1980,  Jackie and I served in the full time ministry in Indianapolis, Birmingham, England and St. Louis. I went on to earn a masters degree in counseling and began a career in counseling. After opening new schools  in St. Louis and Dallas, I moved with my family to Denver, where I presently counsel in Castle Rock, Colorado. In 2009 I completed my doctoral work at Colorado State University and earned a Ph.D.

I have been married for 33 years to Jacqueline Chappell Sumerlin. We have two wonderful children–Danielle Sumerlin Hernandez and Timothy, and our son in law, Adrian, who lead the church in Dongguan, China. 

My wife and I enjoy climbing mountains and hiking in beautiful Colorado and traveling the world with Disciples In Motion.

Denver Church of Christ,  Elder

  • Counseling Workshop/Seminar Speaker

  • Disciples In Motion Recovery Ministry         

  • Marriage & Family seminar speaker

  • The Grief  Journey Workshop

  • Individual counseling

  • Small group leadership

  • HOPE worldwide charity work

  • Excellent communications skills; recognized for ability to prepare and make presentations, which hold the attention of large audiences in educational and religious settings

  • Over thirty-eight years experience managing and leading teams in the International Churches of Christ with both task and relational objectives  

My passion continues to be building counseling programs and groups that strengthen and energize the church. Disciples In Motion, The Grief Recovery groups, and my classes are designed for effective and sustainable change and align with the current structure of your church.

In Motion style groups have the potential to meet many counseling needs in your congregation, bring in new visitors, and renew the spirit of your church!


God's plan is clear–we are to meet the needs of each other in HIs church - sending members to expensive and often ineffective private counseling is not the only way to achieve change!

I work before, during and after my seminars to help build a sustainable program in your church that allows for ongoing change!


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Thinking, Feeling, Behaving: An Emotional Education Curriculum for Adolescents/Grades 7-12

by Ann Vernon - Chapter 5 Case Study, 2008.


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The Grief Journey: Finding Peace in All of Life's Losses,Illumination Publishers, 2016.

Colorado State University, 2009

Education & Counseling, Ph.D.

University of Missouri,1991

Masters Degree in Secondary Counseling

Butler University, Indianapolis, 1988

Graduate work in Marriage & Family Therapy

Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1981 Bachelor of Science in Education

Professional Employment

2016 to present, Dean & Professor, Rocky Mountain School of Ministry & Theology


2003 - Present   Counselor, Douglas County School District, Castle Rock, CO

2012 - Present    Adjunct Faculty, University of Denver

1996 - 2003        Counselor, Grapevine–Colleyville School District, Texas

1992-1996          Counselor, Rockwood Schools, St. Louis
1990-1992          Teacher, St. Louis 
1985-1990          Intern Minister, International Churches of Christ  Indianapolis, England, St.Louis 

1982-1984          Teacher, Indianapolis