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Solution Focused Pastoral Counseling Seminar
Grief Recovery In Motion Groups

Come to In Motion with your hurts, habits or hang-ups that hinder your walk with God.

Hurts include issues such as rejection, co-dependency, divorce or relationship problems. Habits such as over eating, gambling, men’s sexual integrity issues, pornography, smoking, financial matters and drug/alcohol problems. Hang-ups can include harmful mental attitudes that interfere with your ability to cope with people or life situations, and can be expressed as anger, depression, bitterness or the inability to forgive.

In Motion is an inclusive ministry and addresses all manner of life’s problems in an open, honest and accepting environment. By experiencing the creative ministry of Jesus, disciples and visitors will begin a journey of healing and develop a healthier relationship with God and others!

The Hallmarks of In Motion

  • Renew Your Walk with God - find new strength and re-engage your relationship with God!

  • Work a Program - a book, online program, group, counseling or anything that effectively guides your journey

  • Engage a Mentor - someone who "gets" you and can be a help during your recovery.


Class Goals:

Learn Biblical counseling underpinnings & theory behind solution focused pastoral counseling

Develop counseling skills & techniques

Grow in the heart and spirit of Christian counseling

Counseling and Discipleship: Two Peas in a Pod?


  • The Christian Counselor - An Overview

  • Jesus, The Wonderful Counselor

  • The Holy Spirit is Always at Work: A Biblical Approach to Solution Focused Counseling

  • A Search for Clues: Attentive Listening

  • The Fine Art of Questioning: Using the Miracle Question

  • Exceptions: Highlighting changes as meaningful

  • Emotional Intelligence: Connecting with others

  • Grief and Loss Counseling

  • Consolidating Change & Moving Beyond a Problem: A Strengths-Based Perspective

  • The Solution Focused Counselor in Action - A Case Study


Using the Scriptures and a choice of related materials, this 8 week group gives members the information, supportive environment and skills required to navigate this challenging time with a faithful perspective. 

Christian Counseling Classes

​Helping the Hurt Hiker - is a class Tim teaches to give the essentials of counseling in the Christian setting so that more in your church can help the hurting.


​Jesus Listens, Questions & Understands -  this four hour workshop teaches leaders how to incorporate fundamental counseling concepts to get to the heart of the matter and create sustainable and effective change.

​Running Free - is a call to purity and discusses a variety of concepts and skills to overcome impurity in an impure world.

​Faith to Overcome Weakness - uses researched and time tested concepts to overcome any kind of problem in a Christian's life and the mentor's role in change.