Our Vision and How InMotion is Unique


Using Jesus' creative heart to heal his people, pastoral counseling skills and, research based curriculum, In Motion Counseling offers programs and courses to assist you with all your counseling needs. Ask about the innovative Disciples In Motion Recovery and the Journey of Grief groups!

  • In Motion pushes back against the "once an addict, always an addict" mentality of AA style groups and disease thinking - instead we use research based and Biblical concepts that lead to long lasting change in an inspiring, confidential and, loving environment.


  • Instead of using simply good concepts and principles, we place a person, Jesus, right at the center of the Disciples In Motion ministry, to provide an exciting, powerful and, compassionate environment for change. 


  • Every indivdual is a unique child of God - Disciples In Motion does not use an "our way or the highway" approach. Instead, each member finds a program that works best for them.


  • In Motion is not a "para-group" of the church but is fully integrated with your current church structure. Recovery is dependent on MORE involvement in current church groups.

  • ​Disciples In Motion helps visitors "get over their bump" in their search for faith!