We are having such an incredible response here in Houston. We have visitors staying after church to be a part. Disciples that have been in the church and are being renewed in their faith. Others are revived in their desire to help and serve in the program as facilitators. Relationships are being reinvigorated and restored. I can't thank God enough for Tim's help in bringing the scriptures back into a prominent part of our lives and bringing Jesus to the forefront of our interaction as disciples of Christ. 

   – Rhett & Debbie Spivey, Elder, Houston Church





Recovery Moving Forward

Timothy Sumerlin, Ph.D.

Build A Stronger, More Faithful Church
Bring a Disciples In Motion Recovery ministry to your church! Find out how a powerful In Motion ministry can help your Christians and visitors to overcome a variety of challenges such as relationship issues, addictive sin, bitterness, fear of reaching out and more!
Energize Visitors!
In Motion presents an amazing opportunity to bring visitors to church and create "break-throughs" for those studying the Bible.
Finish the Race!
Disciples In Motion helps those veteran Christians who've lost the fire to get it back!  Attending our meetings help them to deal with sin, most of life's issues and the ability to finish the race.
Train and equip your leadership team to meet the needs of the entire body of Christ. I help you develop a sustainable program - not a short term and fizzle out approach!
Check out these Opportunities

Bring Disciples In Motion to your church!

Leadership Training Seminars

Offer a Grief Journey  group to those suffering loss


Mental Health


The Grief JOurney   Now available in Spanish!

Using Tim's new book, The Grief Journey: Finding Peace in All of Life's Losses, this 2-hour workshop is great for disciples and friends!  


The follow-up 8-week group gives members the information, supportive environment and skills required to navigate this challenging time with a faithful perspective. 


As one member described the group: Tim's group gave me the luxury to grieve.


counseling seminars




Tim will train your leaders and staff on a variety of counseling needs.


Learn to better serve the needs of your ministry as well as helping your leaders to more effectively serve the lost. 

Tim offers Counseling 101, Recovery concepts, Anxiety & Depression, Suicide Prevention, and other mental health seminars. 

Disciples In MOtion  Now available in Spanish!

An innovative recovery ministry like none other!


Who Comes to Disciples In Motion? Anyone with anything that interferes with your walk with God...anyone with anything.


Issues such as co-dependency, divorce, or relationship problems.


Sins such as over-eating, sexual integrity or pornography issues, smoking, and drug/alcohol problems.


Also, harmful mental attitudes that interfere with your ability to effectively cope with people or life situations that can be expressed as anger, depression, bitterness, or the inability to forgive.

Spring 2021 Dates available!


about me

My passion is to help churches build counseling programs and groups that strengthen the church while promoting dignity and a safe & confidential environment for each member.


Disciples In Motion and The Grief Journey groups are designed for effective and sustainable change and work with the current structure of your church, under the auspices of the leadership team.


Disciples In Motion helps anyone with anything that interferes with your walk with God. From weight issues, to sin and addiction problems, marriage and relationship issues to childhood abuse. Anyone...with anything.


Rather than a "blow in, blow up & blow out" weekend seminar, I work with church leadership before, during, and afterward to help you build a Disciples In Motion and Grief Journey ministries.


Disciples In Motion groups will meet counseling needs in your congregation, bring in new visitors and renew the spirit of your church! I offer a variety of weekend seminars - give me a call or send me an email! 

Roger Lamb ~ DT Disciples Today

Roger Lamb ~ DT Disciples Today

“Jesus came to set the captives free, not just manage their captivity. Rarely have I seen a program that helps disciples be set free receive such universal testimonials from church members and leaders alike as Disciples InMotion. With Jesus at the center, the Father above and the Spirit working though us, truly God’s vision for us is freedom in Christ. This program helps connect you to that power to the extent you are faithful to its heart.”

John Lusk, Senior Evangelist DCC

John Lusk, Senior Evangelist DCC

"The Disciples In Motion ministry has been a breath of fresh air to the Denver Church. Dr. Sumerlin has combined great biblical principles with proven counseling practices and sound relational dynamics to create a safe and effective environment to help people overcome whatever adversities they are facing. I wholeheartedly support this ministry!"

Greg Jackson, Elder Denver Church of

Greg Jackson, Elder Denver Church of

"This ministry is effective in helping people at so many different levels...In Motion offers solid, practical Biblical teaching that is so essential for an individual to get the godly direction for their needs. Combine this with the professional skills and experience that Dr. Sumerlin brings to the program and you have a ministry that addresses and helps the whole person. In Motion has my complete backing and support - would it be that every church had such a program. " ​

Allen Gower, Evangelist DFW

Allen Gower, Evangelist DFW

"Dr. Sumerlin has done incredible work for us here in Colorado Springs. Tim has worked with those who have had to deal with loss...he has been able to help many turn a corner in their lives and let healing begin. Tim makes extra effort, stays in close touch, and thinks through his program(s) thoroughly. We would definitely have him here again!" ​

Dr. Robert Ferry Evangelist, Denver

Dr. Robert Ferry Evangelist, Denver

"We simply cannot imagine the fullness of our ministry without Disciples In Motion."


Grief Journey/disciples in motion groups


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Dr. Robert Ferry Evangelist, Denver

"We simply cannot imagine the fullness of our ministry without Disciples In Motion."